What is BovineVerse?

BovineVerse is a genesis Fi+ metaverse platform under Web3.0. BovineVerse plans to release multiple on-chain games and sports prediction systems, and also reserves API interfaces for the third-party. The DAO spirit of this community allows high flexibility on autonomy. Players can own various NFTs, participate in social, adventure and online sports prediction,and etc., to maximize play-to-earn!

Why do we define BovineVerse as Fi+ metaverse gaming platform? What exactly is Fi+?

BovineVerse is a Fi+ gaming platform under Web 3.0, integrating DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi. This new concept guides BovineVerse to better decentralize finance, emphasizes game's economy and presents a realistic social network in virtual world. Compared with traditional on-chain games, BovineVerse has an advanced design, rich content, and immersive gaming experience. In addition, it bridges the gap between the reality and the parallel worlds, realizing the vision that imagination comes true in metaverse and people get benefits from the assets in game.

How do you access BovineVerse?

Everyone can access BovineVerse and have immersive gaming experiences via BovineVerse website (https://www.bovine-verse.games/) after the launch of the game.

How to get EXP for upgrading Farm?

  • Stall capacity
Stall is a place for players to settle their cattle. Every player is prepared with 2 stalls at the beginning, he/she can unlock more stalls by spending BVG. Every time players unlock a new stall, they will get EXP points as rewards, which can be collected to level up Farm.
  • Breeding cattle
For every cattle nurtured, players will increase EXP points. After mating, players who get the mystery box will increase certain EXP points.
  • Raising calf to adult cattle
Players will get EXP points whenever a calf grows into adult cattle.
  • Using gaming items
Cattle Research Institute sells a variety of gaming items, including Hay, EXP Card, STR Battery, HP Potion, Rename Card. After using items for cattles, players will gain EXP in varying degrees as well.

How to improve cattle's stats?

  • Research on Tech Tree: there are several technologies available in Tech Tree which allow players to study and improve their cattle's stat in some ways
  • Use gaming items: players can purchase premium skin to increase bull's combat stats and use varying badges to increase cow's milking stats

How does my fighting yield count every day?

The personal yield from fighting each day has something to do with the following factors:
  • Have affinity relationship with your teammates 1.1x Multiplier of earning
  • Fighting Mode ( 3V3, 5V5 )
    • 3V3 1.1x Multiplier of earning
    • 5V5 1.2x Multiplier of earning
  • The number of valid fights in Arena (10<15<20)
  • The number of all fighting players
  • Player's Stall level