Breeding Room

It's a place where players can get Cattle Mystery Box via cattle mating

Cattle Mystery Box
What is it ?
Cattle Mystery box is gained from the mating of Cows and Bull in BovineVerse. Deployed on ERC-721, mystery box is one of the NFT assets in BovineVerse. After opening the box, there is a chance to get Calf and Cattle Piece.
How to get Cattle Mystery Box: To get a cattle mystery box, you need to put an adult bull on the left and an adult cow on the right and make sure they are both ready with sufficient STR. The cattle for mating can either be yours or the one rented from Leasing Center after paying rents.
Ways to shorten CD time: players can reduce cattle mate CD time by researching breed section on Tech Tree.
How to rent cattle: everyone can lend his/her cattle to others on Trading Market for mating and the rent is set by lender. In turn, player can borrow cattle to mate if he/she hasn't had enough cattle.


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    The whole process of Cattle Mating only takes a few seconds. However, cattles will go through a 3-days mating CD period during which cattles can fight, milk/stake, and trade other than mate.
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    When a bull or cow is successfully lent for mating in Leasing Center, the owner needs to pay 20% of the total rent to his/her guild.