GameFi Matrix

On the basis of GameFi that subverts the mechanism of traditional games, BovineVerse provides captivating GameFi worlds to players, with high enjoyment and a decentralized financial system.

Interstellar Rangeland

Interstellar Rangeland is the first virtual parallel universe in BovineVerse where players will be silicon-based creatures - interstellar cattles, and play, earn and live in this mysterious Rangeland.
In addition, players are given full freedom in the universe of Interstella Rangeland. They can not only pursue stellar ambitions through purchasing planets, establishing guilds, and conducting interstellar plunder, but also run their own business (farm), including breeding calves, lending premium cattles for breeding, milking, bullfighting in Arena, etc. Play to earn!

Interstellar Sandbox

Interstellar Sandbox is inspired by Minecraft. As the second parallel universe in BovineVerse, Interstellar Sandbox provides nearly infinite lands for players to explore a blocky and programmatically generated 3D world. They have chances to discover raw materials, craft tools and items to build their planets and spaceships.
The game modes suggest that players can combat with alien federation controlled by computer, as well as cooperate and compete with other players from the same world. Besides, survival mode and creative mode are available. The former model states that players must gain resources to build the world and keep healthy, while the latter provides players with unlimited resources and a chance to fly. Interestingly, players can modify the game to create new mechanisms, items and assets.

Interstellar Trek

Interstellar Trek is a virtual reality (VR) and Play-to-Earn game that supports all SteamVR terminals. It tells a story about friendship, honor, conquest and star wars. The biggest feature of Interstellar Trek is that players can create custom modules through Steam Workshop and enjoy a free journey in this universe.
In the world of Star Trek, all bovine avatars can find immersive enjoyment in fighting with monsters and other players through VR devices. Players can physically move within their own room to simultaneously move their virtual cattle characters or spaceships in the game to fight, and gain profits through exploration, mining, battle or other activities.