President Work

What can a President do?

Guild Setting
◇ Guild Icon, Name, Announcement ◇ Guild Entrance Fee ◇ Member Title (Vice President, Elite) ◇ Tax Rate (How much members pay to the guild)
Sign up for Guild Events
President has the authority to register Guild Events such as Battle every week on behalf of its guild members
Collect and Manage Tax Revenue
The tax of all guild members will be directly paid to and at the disposal of the President
Allocate Welfare
◇ President is able to customize the allocation of tokens collected from Guild Battle and public tax payment ◇ The allocation is conducted on a daily or weekly basis, up to the President

What's the benefit of being a President?

◇ Once owning a planet and becoming a president, the president can customize the tax system of his/her planet. To be more specific, he/she determines the welfare of the whole planet and how much the president can earn from each event
◇ The president is in charge of the reward allocation of Guild-related events such as Guild Battle
◇ His/her planet locals aside, the homeland president can get tax revenues from the linked Unionland
◇ The president/holder of the planet can trade his/her planet on the NFT marketplaces