NFT Ecosystem


Two alliances (Cross-Star Liberty League and the Truth Dynasty ⅠⅠ) have their complete planets system. After choosing a planet at the beginning, players can start the journey of BovineVerse. The owner of the planet is called President, who is responsible for tax revenues allocation, tax rate setting, planet management.
There are three types of planets in BovineVerse, as described below:


Homeland is the basic one among three kinds of planets. What makes Homeland unique is its high carrying capacity up to 10,000 population and ultimate control over its unlimited Unionlands. Each Homeland.
  • Establishment: Homelands adopt a preliminary launch mechanism for gaming guilds and communities.
  • Tax: the president of Homeland has the authority to set tax rate (between 10% and 20%) and collect taxes from residents as they trade in BovineVerse. Besides, Unionlands also need to pay tax to their attached Homeland.
  • Accommodation: the carrying capacity in a Homeland is 10,000 players (addresses).
If a player wants to build a Unionland, he/she must submit an application to the president of Homeland and pay fees.

Unionland: Fiefdoms (the Truth Dynasty Ⅱ) /Satellites (Cross-Star Liberty League)

As the population grows rapidly in Homelands, cattles are hurry to find a new planet for residence. Therefore, many Unionlands are created to satisfy the increasing needs. The carrying capacity in a Unionland is 1,000.
Unionland relies on attached Homeland but it is allowed to bring up a new governance system itself. Cattles with creative thoughts will find it a good place to advance their civilization.
  • Establishment: a solution to overpopulation is to allow members to become independent and establish a Unionland at the cost of burning a certain amount of BVT
  • Tax: the Union and Homeland share the same tax mechanism; 80% of the tax revenue is managed by the leader of the Union and the remaining 20% is paid to the Homeland it belongs to.
  • Affiliation:
    There is no limitation on how many Unionland can be attached to Homeland, all Unionlands are directly affiliated to the related Homelands.
    • Once a player has joined a planet, he cannot arbitrarily change the planet he belongs to. If anyone wants to leave his planet, he should establish a new Unionland or Genland after meeting some requirements.
    • Players cannot take over the functions, levels and attributes they are granted in the previous planets, so they have to explore and develop their planets from scratch.


Genland is the independent planet NFT similar to Homeland in growing numerous Unionlands. The president of Genland becomes capable to collect taxes from his/her residents and from attached Unionlands. Unlike Homeland, Unionland only has a small carrying capacity up to 1,000.
  • Establishment:
    There are many aggressive and adventurous pioneers in the vast BovineVerse. If anyone wants to realize his ambition for independence, they can build his own Genland by burning a certain number of BVTs and owning a certain number of Bovine Heroes.
  • Basic rights and benefits:
    Genlands and Homelands share the same functions, rights and benefits. Players of Genlands can also establish their own Unionlands to be the president of a new planet.

Bovine Hero

Compared with regular cattle, Bovine Hero NFTs possess higher stats. Details are as follows:
  • High rarity: every Bovine Hero is identified by a unique ID and avatar deployed on ERC-721 and is freely tradable at NFT marketplaces. The total supply of Bovine Hero is 10,000, with an initial supply of 514 only;
  • Utility: Bovine Heroes possess higher attributes and eternal life, without a cap on breeding entries. As premium cattles, they are of great use in BovineVerse, performing better in farming, fighting, trading.
  • Cross-game characters: Bovine heroes are allowed to travel freely to other parallel worlds of BovineVerse in the future to achieve immortality. Players can also trade them on the NFT market to get a good reward.

Gaming Items

Mystery Box

  • NFT mystery box is deployed on ERC-721 contract;
  • Mystery box can be gained from the trading market and breeding market (after the mating between adult cow and bull). Players can open the box to own the gaming items, or sell it on the market;
  • The calf acquired from mystery box has basic attributes set randomly, which can be enhanced by participating in daily activities in the game;
  • High probability of calf and low probability of Bovine Hero and Egg Shell.


Hay is used as food for cattles. After eating, cattle will increase their STR points. Different types of hay offer a varying degree of increase in STR points. There is no upper limit on the use of hay.
Hay: on use, grant 100 STR points to cattle. Applying hay takes 10 minutes.
Greater Hay: on use, grant 200 STR points to cattle. Applying greater hay takes 15 minutes.
Superior Hay: on use, grant 400 STR points to cattle. Applying superior hay takes 20 minutes.

EXP Card

EXP: Experience Booster. Use EXP card to increase EXP points and level up your cattle quickly. Cattle can use EXP cards to increase up to 5,000 EXP points every day.
EXP Card: on use, grant 500 EXP points to cattle
Greater EXP Card: on use, grant 1,000 EXP points to cattle
Superior EXP Card: on use, grant 1,500 EXP points to cattle

STR Battery

STR batter is used to increase the STR (strength) points of cattle. STR battery will perform better than hay because STR battery increases more STR points. Noticed that cattle can only increase up to 10,000 STR points by STR battery per day.
STR Battery: on use, grant 500 STR points to cattle
Greater Battery: on use, grant 1,000 STR points to cattle
Superior Battery: on use, grant 1,500 STR points to cattle

HP Potion

HP Potion is used to instantly restore the health points of cattle, very useful to increase the life circle of regular cattles. Each cattle can additionally extend up to 10-days life by using HP Potion.
HP Potion: on use, extend the life circle by 2 days. (Limitation: limited to 10-day life circle expansion per cattle.
Greater Potion: on use, extend the life circle by 5 days.
Superior Potion: on use, extend the life circle by 10 days.

Cattle Piece

Cattle Piece can be gained from Mystery Box. Once a player collects 10 cattle pieces, he/she can exchange them for one cattle.