It's the building for cattle to fight in PVE, PVP

Normal Match
Two modes: Solo Player & Multiplayer. A player can randomly compete with other player to start a fight.
1, 3, 5
Ranked Match
Players winning in the ranked match get scores to achieve higher tiers. Higher tiers mean higher rewards. The leaderboard can be checked on the interface which is ranked by player's scores acquired from the ranked match. Join to work your way up the ranks.
Guardian Tower
PVE Battle. Players need to fight altogether 18 floors, starting from the 1st floor. Every floor is guarded by its guardian.


What to do
What you should prepare:
Enough ERG, adult bull
ERG Station:
To begin a battle, players should make sure the station has enough ERG, which can be increased by using ERG Battery bought from Arena ERG Station and Research Center.
Select Skin:
Cattle skins change their appearance in battle, making them look special and cool. Besides, special skins increase cattle's combat stats on the battlefield. Skins are purchased from Research Center Store.

During the battle

Game Basics:
A turn-based strategy (TBS) game where players take turns when playing.
Who comes first:
The playing order is decided by dice rolling from both sides, which side rolling with the bigger number shows the card first.
How to show cards:
◇ Players will be randomly dealt 3 cards in the first round and 2 cards in each round later.
◇ During the game, players are allowed to show at most 2 cards each round.
◇ View card explanation on Card Gallery, which displays all cards that will be used in all modes of battles, including Combat, Defense, Mana type.

After battle

Victory Rewards:
Normal Match and Tower Fight: everyday player’s victories in Normal Match and Tower Fight will be counted, once the player wins 10, 15, 20 games, he/she can preview the rewards and claim them the next day, from which player gets a varying amount of BVT token.
  • Notice: daily prize pool is split by all players who participate in fighting each day, so you may find that the preview TBVT rewards is changing
Ranked Match: players get scores after winning in the ranked match and lose scores when they fail. The leaderboard is ranked by player's score and the top players ranked high get huge rewards.
Report battle log: after having valid fights of 10, 15, 20, players need to report their battle log before 12 AM UTC each day, so that they can claim their rewards the next day. Otherwise, the fights will not be counted and the daily rewards will get expired.

How does my fighting yield count every day? See the answer here: