Milk Factory

Milk Factory

It's the building for players to stake their adult cows to earn $BVT

Players will see the staking and reward page when they enter Milk Factory. To begin staking, players need to have idle adult cows with enough STR (you can use STR batter to increase the cattle's STR point, purchased from Research Center Store).

Staking Reward: $BVT

Milking Guide

What should you have:
Idle adult cow(s) with enough STR
Milk Record:
Players can check their milking history on this page
How to stake:
Player first needs to click Stake Now, have at least one idle adult cow in the stall, and set the staking time he/she wants by the cow's STR
How to unstake:
◇ One can unstake his/her cattle at any time without extra cost (staking rewards will be automatically claimed when unstake).
◇ Click Claim Reward to take all of your $BVT mined from Milk Factory


  1. 1.
    If your staked cow ceases to yield in Milk Factory (out of STR or died), you can either choose to add staking time by increasing the cow's STR or unstake her and claim the $BVT rewards she mined, otherwise the rewards will gradually decrease due to liquidity;
  2. 2.
    The BVT rewards of every staking will be accumulated on Milk Factory, players can claim their rewards at any time;
  3. 3.
    Cow's Milking Stat (MP, MR) can be increased through player's research on Tech Tree