Medal System (not available)

Once players get ranked on the score leaderboard each week, they will be able to claim Ranked Mystery Box in varying grades, from which the holders have a chance to get Ultimate Skin, Medal, TBVT, and Medal Piece

How to get Ranked Mystery Box? Head to the following page:

Medal Piece
3 Medal Pieces can be merged into 1 Bronze Medal. Medal Piece can be obtained from Ranked is sold on Guild Store

Medal Info

The medal gained from Ranked Mystery Box and Guild Store can be merged in Medal System. Medal with a higher level allows Adult Cow to have a better yield in milking. The medal level is ranked at:


Bronze Medal Milk Amount + 1,000 Milk Rate + 1,000 3 Bronzes can be merged into 1 Silver (Success probability: 70%, return 1 Bronze if merge failed)
Silver Medal Milk Amount + 2,000 Milk Rate + 2,000 3 Silvers can be merged into 1 Gold (Success probability: 50%, return 1 Sliver if merge failed)
Gold Medal Milk Amount + 6,000 Milk Rate + 6,000 3 Golds can be merged into 1 Platinum (Success Probability: 50%, return 1 Gold if merge failed)
Platinum Medal Milk Amount + 30,000 Milk Rate + 30,000
Diamond Medal Milk Amount + 40,000 Milk Rate + 40,000
Master Milk Amount + 60,000 Milk Rate + 60,000