Card Gallery

Card Type - Combat

Card Name
Furnace Forge
Cattle forgesCattle forges its weapons and increase 1500 ATK during this period
Heroic Punch
Increase 30% ATK to deal a hard damage to the target. The adjoining cattles in the same row are 10% attacked
Bleeding Loss
Transforming into Plague doctor, cattle will increase 30% ATK and deal bleeding damage to the target's HP for 2 rounds, 50 points each round
Datura Bomb
Deal 150% damage to all opponents, and throw venom to a random cattle. The venom target will lose 200 HP each round, lasting for 3 rounds
Nerve Block
Bull gets nerve blocking so that he can exert all strength, greatly increase 3000 ATK. Unaware of pain, he will lose 100 HP due to the loss of muscle function
Dracula Bat
The phantom of the vampire bat appears around cattle, increasing his ATK by 20% and recovering 20% of the damage dealt
Blood Wakening
Largely increase 50% ATK, 50% deal Critical Hit. Crit is 100% of Basic Attack
X-ray Radiation
Ignore the target's defense by using X-ray radiation, deal real damage to the target. The DAM is the actual ATK

Card Type - Defense

Card Name
Immobile Stand
Cattle shows up in an extremely stable posture for battle, largely increasing 8,000 DEF to against the following attack, lasting for one round
HOLO Barrier
Cattle lays out a Holographic Barrier to increase 2,000 DEF, lasting for 2 rounds
Discounted Meal
Cattle takes out a discounted fast food and eats it. After eating, he restores 1500 HP
Spike Armor
Cattle wearing Spike Armor will rebound 30% of the damage he received to the attacker, one round only
4D Space
Immune, enter a high-dimensional space to avoid damage, so that the opponent can't deal any damage to our cattle, lasting for one round
Luxury Feast
Cattle enjoy a luxury feast so every cattle in our team increaes 20% HP, lasting for 2 rounds

Card Type - Mana

Card Name
Hossu Sweep
Eliminate the debuff over the cattle
Gravity Reversal
Weaken the opponent's ATK by 2,000 points
Superoxide Rust
Increase the weight of the target and reduce its 30% DEF
Decrease 20% damage dealt by the opponent, lasting for one round
EMP Bomb
Block the opponent’s movements for one round and increase your cattle's ATK by 10% (the opponent cannot use the attacking card in this round)
1000T Fall
After being pressed by a huge stone, the target becomes dizzy and cannot attack (the opponent cannot use attacking cards in this round)
Oasis Exile
The target will increase 20% ATK next round, but he cannot use any card, lasting for one round