Social Matrix


Players can develop and maintain their own virtual social networks in BovineVerse.
  • Build up the relationship with other users: random matchmaking and random assigned side quest.
  • Affinity system:
    • Build intimate relationship with other players, including lovers, bros, besties and confidants;
    • Teaming up with intimate players and fighting together can nurture affinity points with them.
    • The higher the affinity point is, the higher the token yield rate for team battle is (the token yield rate for a team of 5 > 3 > solo).
  • Real-time online communication platform (private chat, group chat, guild chat)
  • Referral model
    • Players are rewarded for inviting new players to play in BovineVerse. For every 5 mystery egg boxes bred by a novice player, the referrer will be rewarded with an additional mystery box.

Alliances and Planet System

BovineVerse has DAO communities with shared assets and interests across games.
  • Alliances and planets: Cross-Star Liberty League and the Truth Dynasty ⅠⅠ. The two alliances have Homelands, Satellites, and Genlands respectively;
  • DAO-governed tokenomy: decision-making frameworks of tokenomics are generally intended to help make governance accessible to everyone in the community;
  • Alliance-based gameplay: resource exploration, allocation, trade and plunder are all alliance based.

Crypto Blog

This feature is based on game streaming platform for content creation and distribution under Web 3.0 and decentralized KOL economic incentive agreements.
  • Creating and sharing gameplay, in-game scenes, gaming items and kit.
  • Posting, viewing and rewarding game videos and live made by players.