Beginner's Guide
Interstellar Rangeland is the first parallel world of BovineVerse where players can own bovine animals to work, milk, grow, yield and thrive. Follow this beginner's guide to start upon the journey of BovineVerse and get satisfaction from Play-To-Earn.

Connect Wallet and Choose Polygon Network

Interstellar Rangeland (beta) is deployed on the Polygon network for the purpose of providing users with a smooth experience. Make sure to prepare enough $MATIC for gas fee during the game.

Claim Beta Assets on BovineVerse website

To provide a better gaming experience, we provide beta assets for all players to claim, including Homeland (WL users), Bovine Hero (WL users), Cattle Mystery Box, TBVG and TBVT. Each type of asset can only be claimed once.
How to claim? Follow the beta assets tutorial here.

Choose a Planet/Guild

Players need to choose a planet (guild) to join before entering the game. The owner of Homeland can click "Create Guild" to establish his/her planet (guild). In public beta, one cannot leave the planet he chose unless he creates a Unionland.

Enter into the Game

After players chose or established their planets, they can view personal token, profile, backpack, reward center, and task on the interface of Interstellar Rangeland.
Besides these, players get a bird's eye of the buildings through the game map that orients them within the Interstellar Rangeland world, including Stall, Milk Factory, Arena, Guild, Breeding Room, Research Center and marketplace.
More contents are subject to change in the future.
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